In-line Solution Heaters


We have developed sophisticated In-line Solution Heaters designed especially to regulate the temperature of the incoming solution to brain slice chambers, and living tissue chambers. These equipments are designed to be used in shielded environment. It means, that they do not generate any hum or other noise. They can be used in any microelectrode environment (e.g. patch clamp).


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There are two different versions of  the In-line Solution Heaters in our choice. The single-channel version contains one heated tube, and the dual-channel version contains two, independent heated tubes. The two channels can be used either with different flow rates, as well.


The outer diameter of the tube connectors are 1.2 mm. The thickness of the wall of the tubes are 0.114 mm. The internal stainless steel metal tubing is made of a very special material. This steel material is fully inert for any biological solutions.


The internal tubing of the In-line Solution Heaters form Archimedean spirals (also called arithmetic spiral). This geometry of the tube provides the linear reduction of the speed of the solution from the input to the output tube connectors. It is an essential feature, because it minimizes the number of the oxygen bubbles at the output liquid flow. According to this construction the working position of the In-line Solution Heater is the perfect horizontal position. The side with the blue factory label, and the heat sink should be positioned as top side. The input tube connector is that one, which is located next to the mechanical assembling connector.


In the In-line Solution Heaters there are internal temperature sensors. It is recommended to use them. See the explanation about the advantages of the internal temperature sensors at the description of the Physiological - Biological Temperature Controller.


There are different connection points to ground, and/or shield of the equipments in every labs. The low voltage signal ground of the Physiological - Biological Temperature Controller is connected to its back-side aluminium plate, and the heat sink (at the back of the controller). During the construction of the In-line Solution Heaters we have focused on the high noise suppression, and the versatile shielding/grounding possibilities. For this purpose, the internal assembly of the heater units are NOT connected to the signal ground of the controller. The heater units are totally floating! This feature gives you a full freedom to connect them anywhere electrically. The best connection points are the stainless steel tubes, because they can be reached easily, and they are connected to every internal metal parts of the heaters. The tubes can be clamped with crocodile clips. The best point, where to connect the heater to ground is the low voltage signal (and local shield) ground point, as close the chamber as possible. The appropriate ground point, where to connect, should be chosen by many different aspects. But there are two reasons, why it is strongly recommended to connect the In-line Solution Heater to ground:

1) Suppression of hum noise in the shielded environment

2) Elimination of the parasite electrochemical (galvanic) potentials between the different metal parts


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To use an In-line Solution Heater you should buy a Physiological - Biological Temperature Controller, assembled with 12V FINE DC power end-stage. Either for the Single-channel In-line Solution Heater or for the Dual-channel In-line Solution Heater only one piece of single-channel Physiological - Biological Temperature Controller is enough to operate.


The plastic enclosure is not water resistant. Please ensure not to pour liquid on the enclosure. Please do not immerse the equipment into water, saline or any other solution. The sealing of this equipment has limitations. The electronic circuit will go wrong if corrosive solution diffuses into the plastic case.


The In-line Solution Heater equipments are subject of continuous development. All the basic features are ready, they are tested, and validated. But the additional features, and the comfort capabilities are refined a little bit sometimes.



Single-channel In-line Solution Heater


Flow rate: 12 ml/min (specified for 37 Centigrade at the output tube)


Internal solution buffer volume: 5.2 ml


Histheresis: less than +/- 0.4 Centigrades


Outer dimensions of the plastic box: 90 x 50 x  25 mm (excluding the heat sink)


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Dual-channel In-line Solution Heater


Flow rate: 2 x 7 ml/min (specified for 37 Centigrade at the output tube)


Internal solution buffer volume: 2 x 5.2 ml


Histheresis: less than +/- 0.5 Centigrades


Outer dimensions of the plastic box: 90 x 50 x  32 mm (excluding the heat sink)


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Stands are independently orderable options for the In-line Solution Heaters.


Lockable Magnetic Fixing Stand, 800 N force:


Lockable Magnetic Fixing Stand has got flexible, back bone styled holder arm on its magnetic basement. This is a very stable, but versatile fixing method. The flexible holder arm can be fixed in any position by a small lever. This way you can install the In-line Solution Heater in any experimental environment easily. The magnetic basement has also a lever to lock it on the desired place on any ferromagnetic steel surface.


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Stand for Luigs & Neumann setups:


This is an obsolete product. However we can manufacture it for unique request. Please contact us if you are interested in.


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Since the cell cultures, and other biological objects are very sensitive, the In-line Solution Heater should not be used, if it is injured, or any internal dirt, or infection appeared in it. For such cases, which happen in every labs during normal usage, we have a special offer, only for our previous customers. If you send your used In-line Solution Heater back to Supertech Instruments, we will change it for a brand new piece. A used In-line Solution Heater could not be renewed, because all the internal parts should have been changed. Usually the plastic enclosure and the electric cable is also worn-out. So we can not reuse the parts of the old piece at all. We need it back, because we disassemble it to discover the effects of the the usage on the internal parts. This way we collect valuable hidden pieces of information to improve the quality of the product. We provide this replacement possibility on a discount price. See the Price List for the details.



Warranty limitation


Supertech gives 5 years of full warranty for all products. But the warranty does not cover the faults made by the user. The warranty is valid for the In-line Solution Heaters except for:

- broken stainless steel tube

- bent tube

- pluggage in the tube

- dirt in the tube

- infection in the tube

- corrosion in the electronic heater or sensor circuit

- broken wire





Based on the experience obtained in Dr. Norbert Hajos' laboratory (Hajos et al., European Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 29, pp. 319-327, 2009, email:, the temperature and the oxygenation of brain slices in Dual-Superfusion Slice Chamber Insert could be controlled in two ways. Either the experiments should be done at room temperature, then only the flow rate of aCSF (Artificial CerebroSpinal Fluid) has to be set equivalently below and above the slices (e.g. using peristaltic pumps with at least three channels - two inlets and one outlet). Or, in the case, when experiments are desired to perform at higher temperature, then not only the flow rate but the temperature, as well, should be maintained as equivalent as possible below and above the slices. To achieve this, a Dual-channel In-line Solution Heater is recommended to use, where the temperature of two inlets is controlled in a single heater head to ensure the same temperature.