Behavioral conditioning of animals



Modular Behavioral System


This system is under continuous development. Your esteemed feedbacks are needed!


The current list of the Parts of the Modular Behavioral System, which are readily available:


    Power Supply module MBPS-3

    USB System Controller

    4-channel TTL Input control module

    4-channel TTL Output control module

    Sound Generator End-stage module (compatible with sound output of a PC)

    DC shocker (1-channel, floating, isolated) DCS-4

    DC Shocker Controller PDC-2 (software compatible with Pulse Pattern Generator of the BioStim Controller V.7)

    Windows-based Behavioral Control and Data Acquisition Program Package


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The complete User Manual of the DC Shocker is available for download.


Until now we have developed many functional units for the Modular Behavioral System, as it is listed above. In spite of this, if you can not find the appropriate function for your special task in our current product choice, and this function seems to be interesting for other our customers, we will develop a special new module especially for you. It is our method, how we improve the features of our equipments. We collect all the notices and feedbacks of our customers, and we implement their (may be your) knowledge into the features of the Modular Behavioral System.



AC Shocker (1-channel, floating, isolated) SAS-2b


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Technical data:


AC current generator at the output.


The output waveform is bipolar sine wave


Current range at the output: 0.05 to 2 mA. This range is suitable from small mice to great dogs.


Output load range: 0 (shortcut) to open circuit (any load is allowed).


Compliance (open circuit) voltage: 180 V AC RMS


If the compliance voltage is reached in constant current mode, the output behaves as an

    AC voltage source of 180 V RMS (the current is determined by the Ohm´s law).


Working (shocking) frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz (equals to the mains frequency)


Typical load impedance at output (e.g. sole of a rat on a shocking grid): 10 kOhm


Mains voltage: 230 V or 115 V (switch selectable)


Tolerance of the mains voltage: +/- 10 %


Manual output current adjustment with a 10-turn helical potmeter


Manual or computer-controlled activity (may be used together, independently from each other)


Control input: TTL H-level is active (overvoltage protected, from 2 V to 40 V)


Double security insulation from mains


Double security insulation for output


Security isolated control input


The complete User Manual of the AC Small Animal Shocker is available for download.



Touch Detector for Monkey


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Other products


There are a few more constructions of Supertech in this topic group, not as products, but either as tested prototypes, or in obsolete status. You can look up their prices.


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